Intergenerational House

Guyra, NSW, Australia

The main idea determining the house in for an Indigenous client group in Guyra, a town in regional Australia, built to house 7 residents and to accommodate up to and over 15 people - is a large and open living area that is able to be enlarged, reduced or adapted into spaces that are able to meet changing household needs.

The town of Guyra, the highest town in the northern tablelands, is a town affected by drought, low employment, a low population density and a lack of access to resources.

Thus, the house is developed not only for the residents, but also to serve the wider community - with the idea that central large open living space can function as a community space or gathering hall - allowing for community meetings and idea exchanges. The internal living space flows through to the front of the house, with a public deck that is open to visitors.


The Design Considers four key aspects

  1. House that can cater to the needs of large family, particularly nutrition, privacy, interaction, healthy living spaces

  2. Function as a community centre

  3. Provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to reduce overcrowding

  4. Provide opportunity to the community

The plan arrangement is focussed on the Healthy Living Principles to provide a positive and healthy setting for the client group and the wider community.

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