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House of Celebration

Federal Park, Glebe, NSW

w/ Lily Tha



House of Celebration - situated on a flat urban site on the edge of Rozelle Bay in Federal Park, Glebe is an elevated function space. Hovering over the park - the building is considerately designed in consideration with the local community - acting as a space to hold private functions whilst providing comfort to the public. A large open main function room with a double-glazed window wall adjoins an open-aired external area forming a space designed for the celebration of weddings, birthdays, baby blessings, betrothals, anniversaries, etc. 




Positioned parallel to the existing paved footpath along a planted tree-line – the structure is positioned to avoid encroaching upon the open public space of the path and evades becoming the center of attention.

Elevated 3.5 metres above the level of the ground - the underside of the building provides a generous shelter and seats extending from the building’s foundations, providing shelter and a place of rest and refuge. 

The form also allows pedestrian traffic to pass directly under and through the building’s space to access the bay foreshore beyond. 

This strategy additionally functions to elevate private functions away from direct public attention. Both patrons and the public are rewarded with an unobscured view of Rozelle Bay.

Site analysis Glebe

Site Analysis

Celebration House Elevation CAD

Passive Design

The design of the building employs a range of passive design strategies to maintain thermal comfort - considering sustainable methods of heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting and eliminating the need for auxiliary heating and cooling.


- Natural lighting

- High and low ventilation configurations

- Shade

With the main length of the building facing near-north, the design of the angled, overhanging roof allows for maximum exposure to the sun in winter, and easy shading of walls and windows during summer. Double-glazed operable windows bring in light and fresh air and offer views that connect the interior space with the outdoor view. 

The main function room is totally sealable. With double-glazed windows, floor, wall, and ceiling insulation - the building envelope keeps heat inside during winter. Operable windows with a range of high and low openings and cross-ventilation allow any built-up heat to escape in summer.


A meshed guided blind system is fitted to the outdoor area ensuring patrons are able to enjoy the outdoors year-round in any condition - offering protection from UV, sun, wind, and rain.

Additional sustainable elements include 2 water tanks that capture runoff from the large roofs to be used in the toilets as well as to water the surrounding park. Rainwater harvesting reduces the overall water consumption of the building. 

Ventilation Section
building ventilation plan
tech 1.png

Building Sections

elevated main function room section detail
elevated main function room section detail

Construction Detail

elevated main function room section detail

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