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Elevated Café

Chemistry Building, USYD Campus

Year 1

The café - extending from the second floor of the Chemistry building - embodies a clam. From the exterior - a cantilevered, undulating roof and floor project outwards from a flat white wall - attracting attention and extending an invitation within.

Site Context Plan


The interior space is defined by a central, cylindrical art gallery surrounding a round kitchen - representing the nucleus of the cafe, nestled and ensconced within the interior. The circular kitchen is designed with a gallery window allowing visitors to watch meals being prepared, while also being able to view the artworks hung on the alternate wall.

The café operates around a central core, integrating round and strict forms - dining and viewing space.


An interior stairwell switches between spiraling & linear forms, with the top of the first flight becoming a platform utilising a view of the gallery walls below. The stairs lead to a seating area, ambiently skylit be a domed oculus.

The interior space is delineated by a floor pattern of rotated circular quadrants that deliberate between rectilinear and curvilinear form. Rotated in certain directions, the floor pattern suggests patterns of movement through the café and subtly suggest traffic movement to the main bar/through seating areas.

University Projects

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