Deployable Shelter

The project is designed as an easily compactable module that is able to be incessantly disassembled, transported, and reconstructed into an identical assemblage at any new site. The design employs repeated modules that are connected, reducing the possibility of misplacing pieces and the need for instruction, maximising the efficiency of assembly and disassemblyThe structure's design consists of an unfolding, self-supporting frame, eradicating the need for additional working components such as screws and adhesive connections. The repetitive framework has the potential for easy re-production and accurate fabrication.



  • Nomadic Lifestyles: Easy re-assembly process into an identical module assures that a sense of continuity is maintained.

  • Lightweight: Allows it to function as a mobile structure, easing transportation.

  • Shelter: Largehabitable space providing protection and shelter from external weather conditions (rain, wind, sunlight and dust-storms).

  • Easy assembly & Disassembly: Structure optimised to minimise steps and maximise the speed of assembly and subsequent disassembly, increasing efficiency and making the task of rebuilding less tedious.

  • Modular: The structure utilises repetitive, modular components that can be easily ordered and reproduced, allowing for easier, faster and cheaper fabrication, transportation, and assembly. Constructed into singular pieces - the structure to be erected without the need for arrangement.

  • Strong: A lightweight alloy frame ensures the structure has strength and rigidity. Relying on a triangulated geometric system ensures loads can be evenly distributed increasing the structure’s integrity.

  • Versatile: The capabilities of the shelter allow it to be used in a range of different contexts.

compactable structural module
compactable structural module shelter

The system is compact and linear when packed and extended and angled when constructed.
The repeatable component consists of arms which are parallel in deconstruction and forms a triangle allowing components to form an angle when constructed. A sliding system allows components to slide vertically, while a locking arm forms an angle allowing modules to curve into a span.

compactable structural module
compactable structural module
compactable structural module
compactable structural module

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