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Split Program Hybrid Building

Children's Playground + Anime Film and Manga Bookstore

Visually representing the joyous and sporadic nature of each act, the building is bold, loud and amusing - a theatrical envelope that houses an erupting core. Perpetually frozen in a state of fragmented dynamism - Laughing and demanding attention, the envelope invites curiosity and bolsters its accessibility to the public. 

Unambiguous and blatantly obvious to the street, the project aims to attract and welcome playgoers and enthusiasts, who predominantly tend to be of younger age groups: toddlers, children, youth, teenagers and adolescents. Not merely exclusive to a younger target audience, the building offers diverse and nondiscriminatory activities, accessible to older age groups. Conceived as a departure from the mundane and rigid patterns of daily life - the building creates a collaborative, carefree environment welcoming older age groups to relinquish the stringent rules of adulthood and indulge in acts of youth. 


Play is a function of the imagination. At the core of a children’s playground is the desire for boundlessness and freedom of exploration – an opportunity to interact with what is tangible and imagine past the boundaries of mere physical surroundings.


Connecting with manga film, art and books prompts enthusiasts to delve into a surreal fictional environment rousing spirits of discovery, fantasy, knowledge and adventure.

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